Sunday, April 6

my true soul mates.

Imagine the most annoying, shrieking, jumping up and down, crazy group of drunk girls you can ever imagine... you have my friends and I.

I am blessed with friendship. I may not have my shit together and other things in my life may be a bit rough at times but one thing is for sure - friendship - GOOD friendship- is abundant in this girls life. It hit me as I entered my friends apartment to have some drinks one Saturday night. I had my roommate in tow, who hadn't been out with us in a while, and we all got excited and crazy as I surprised our other friend with her presence. Then, not much later, another friend showed up who i was beyond happy to see, and with her she had brought another good friend who was also a surprise that night. We all began jumping around the room like 4 year old girls screaming and hugging. 

I know this sounds a bit silly - we are all in our 20s and should probably relax. Here is the funny thing though - we get together quite often. I see most of these girls at least once a month, sometimes every day, but I still get giddy and excited and happy to spend a night with them doing something we have done a million times. No matter what I always cherish the time I spend with them, because I absolutely love having them in my life. 

This goes for all of my friends. After very few days apart my best friend and I will miss each other and send each other texts and start figuring out when we will see each other again and it doesn't matter what we're doing - its cool as long as I'm with them. I can sit with my friends and do absolutely nothing and even say absolutely nothing and because Im surrounded by people I adore, Im totally content.

It may sound cheesy but I am the luckiest person on the planet. I have so many friends who care about me, love me, check in on me, and root for me and I am blessed to have such amazing people to do the same for. Though I struggle sometimes with feeling sad I'm not in a relationship.. I know that I have something so special in my life that not everyone has and that is some really fucking awesome friends.

So to every single one of my friends - thank you for lifting me up and making my heart and life so full. I have no idea what I would do without you. I love you all!

Big Love,

Monday, March 24

the day I went on my first date.

Wednesday I went on my first date. Whenever I told people before then that I haven't been on a date they'd say, "Well you had a boyfriend, did he ever take you out?". Mark and I met on the internet and by the time I lived there we were in a serious relationship and the courting season was over. After we broke up and I saw him in the fall, he did take me to Taco Bell but I don't count that. Would you?

I've always had this fantasy about a guy meeting me and being totally enamored by me, telling me how beautiful I am and how much he'd love to take me to dinner. We would get dressed up and he would pick me up and tell me I looked great and we'd argue about who looked better then drive to a restaurant and get along famously and finish the night with a sophisticated drink haha.

This is totally unrealistic, and I know that, so I also have a fantasy about being taken on a date period. I know dates are becoming a bit obsolete, people just hang out now and where I'm from dating is not even a real thing. Even so, I have had my heart set on a date forever and Wednesday I got my wish.

I met this guy on tinder if you can believe it. I will come right out and say it. I no longer use tinder, so we have been talking for a while, but I did meet him there. We got along really well from the start and we started texting the same day we matched on Tinder. The thing about him that set him apart from other guys I talk to was that he was genuinely nice and that was refreshing. He lived in Freddy so I didn't know when Id meet him then one day I just decided I was gonna make it happen. I texted him, asked what he was doing Wed, said I was coming to Freddy and we set something up.

Because it's me, something was bound to go wrong on the way there. I felt relief wash over me as I rolled into Fredericton, I could see our meeting spot in the distance and as I turned onto Regent street, I heard what sounded like an explosion. I looked around, a bit startled, trying to figure out which car had exploded in the street. When I saw nothing it occurred to me that maybe..just maybe.. I had heard my own car. I turned down my music and realized the sound was coming from good ole White Lightening II.

I pulled off the road and on the sidewalk. I turned off my car, sat there and rolled my eyes. Was this real life?! I would break own on the way to my first date. I hopped out to see what happened - my first guess was that I popped a tire because.. I tend to do that. When all my tires were fine I took a peek under and saw something hanging off of it and realized this was no bueno. Since my car would still drive I took a chance and drove up the road a bit and like a beacon of hope I saw a Canadian Tire sign.

I got super lucky when I arrived because they took my car straight in and paid for a cab for me to get to my date. Once I was in the cab and my date assured me he would wait and it was all good and we werent going to miss the movie (so nice!), I figured I was smooth sailing. Then my cab driver asked when I was due and I thought maybe, just maybe, this was a sign of how the rest of the day was going and I should turn the fuck around.

But I didnt. And Im glad. When I got to the mall he found me pretty quickly and he was really lovely. We chatted for a bit then we saw That Awkward Moment. He took me to that because he saw my status forever ago that said I wanted to see it which was super sweet of him. After we hung out at the food court for a couple of hours and chatted. It was nice once I was comfortable - i was sweaty and nervous at first lol. He tried to make me eat a couple of times, which I can't do because Im a sketch fuck but he bought me a diet pepsi - good man.

I don't really know if anything is going to happen with him and I, there are no plans for a second date but we will definitely remain friends and Im so glad I went on my first date with him. I'm hoping to do this dating thing a bit more now that I've done it once but we'll see.. I'm kind of shit at it aha.

Since being with Mark my feelings on love and relationships have changed alot - I'm much more cynical now. I don't trust anyone, I'm afraid I won't find anyone and if a guy is interested I'm constantly questiong it - like what the fuck is happening here? I don't want to be like that, I want to be sunshine and lollipops about love like I used to be but.. thats life.

I guess I'm just waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet and turn me into a believer again.

Lol.. keep dreamin, Bail.

Big Love,
Bailey J

Wednesday, February 26

my most superficial most ever. such fun!

I rarely do beauty posts but I got my 2nd glam bag this week and a make up store in town had a big 60% off closing sale so I felt like bragging sharing with you some of the awesome products I have accumulated this week as my wallet cries itself to sleep. My mother is going to slit my throat when she see's this but...oh well. Love you, Mom.

I'll get to the glam bag first! I've had a chance to try all the products from the last glam bag I reviewed which you can read here and my favorite product I received was the Leave In Conditioner by Healthy Sexy Hair. I've been trying to not brush my hair out after the shower and putting some of this in makes my hair not so wild when its time to brush it and gives it a nice texture. I also really love the make up removing tissues because Im a lazy bitch.

This month my bag was even more awesome! I just have to say.. it is the most exciting thing ever waiting for you bag to come then ripping it open and seeing your products. 10$ really is a small price to pay for all the excitement and fun of trying the new products. I am such a girly girl this way but I am not ashamed - it makes me so happy!

Here it is! First off - love the bag, its WAY cuter than last months and I'm a big lover of pink so it made me real happy. Let's get to the fun stuff - the products! 

1) Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser by First Aid. Anything that says its going to unclog my pores and make them less noticeable I buy so when this cleanser claimed to do so I was very happy to have received it in my glam bag. I have pores that are like craters in my face - hope this helps! 

2) Plump Pout by POP Beauty. I love me some lip products. Lip stick, lip gloss, lip plumper, lip liner, lip primer, lip moisturizer - you name it, I love it. In fact I took this picture of my lip products today as I was going through my make up and this is not even all of them. Not normal. 

Anyways. Needless to say - if they send me lip stuff I will approve and I totally do. They sent me the color Fuchsia Freesia and I love bright colors, especially for the weekend and I can't wait to wear this color out asap because it is SO fun!

3) Zoya Nail Polish in Odette. Bre receives Glam Bags too and though I haven't tried this color, she was wearing it today and I love it! Super pretty color :) I totally need to paint my nails.. like last week. 

4) Falsies by J. Cat. Fake lashes - enough said. I LOVE fake lashes - I was so pumped. :)

5.) Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow+Base in Spiced Rum. Honestly, I am not a big eyeshadow person. I love it, I just have weird eyes and Im never satisfied with the way it looks. But once in a while, after a few drinks, I decide I'l do my shadow that night and if I were going to - this would be a shade I would wear. Im not disappointed I received it but I have a million eye shadows and I use one like every 2 months so meh. But it IS super pretty! 

Pictured below are all the treats I found at the cosmetic store closing sale yesterday. Last Friday my rooommate came home with a ton of new make up and a smile on her face because she had just been t this sale. She said it was all awesome brands for 60% off with shelves of items that were $5 and $10. The broke make up lover in me squealed with joy! By the time Bre and I got there yesterday there wasn't much left but believe me - this was a GOOD thing for my wallet. 

All of the above came to $96. I know that seems like a lot to spend in a cosmetics store to people who don't go to cosmetics stores but it's really not but is IS a lot to spend when you are kinda broke. So yes, it was a baddy but I don't regret it all and when you hear what I saved.... guuuuurl. 

The first product is Bumble and Bumble's Hair Powder in Black. This stuff is like a dry shampoo that volumizes which is something I buy all the time because my hair is flat and fine and gets greasy super quickly and washing it too often just makes it worse. I have bought so many cheap, drug store dry shampoos that just do not do the trick and most leave my hair grey. Since this one is called Black I assume its for my dark ass hair and I cannot wait to try it out. 
Original Price : $43 Sale Price: $10

The 2nd product is a Go Gurl Eyelash Curler by Japonesque. I needed an eyelash curler and its for on the go which didn't really matter to me but now Im thinking its great because it will fit into a make up bag so much easier than a regular one. I figured I might as well by a nice one that Im getting for a better price and hope for the best. My lashes jut out straight and are a horror to curl so we'll see what happens with this baby! 
Original Price :$15 Sale Price:$9

The third product is a gorgeous blush by Vincent Longo that I love. I'm super into blush right now and still not mastering it but I'm trying my best. The shade is Dew Drop and it's so pretty and Im just so happy. I LOVE PRODUCTS. 
Original Price:$34 Sale Price: $5

4th is a lipstick by Besame in Chocolate Kiss - super pretty. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a lipstick fiend (I had 6 in the store ready to buy until I caught myself.. I do NOT need 6 new lipsticks), and I couldn't resist this one. I wore it to work yesterday and its perfect for work because its super long lasting and also not too crazy haha. 
Original Price: $25 Sale Price: $5

Last but not least is the best shade ever of blush! It's called Instain (and it does stain.. its gonna take me a bit to master this stuff!) and it's in the shade Pinstripe and it's the best blush color I've ever found. I love darker berry colors and I was super pumped to find this and for so damn cheap!
Original Price: $26 Sale Price: $5

Now last but not least - the train kit, the expensive part of this purchase. The train kit I bought was something I've wanted forever - I even wrote about how badly I wanted one on my Christmas Wish List post in 2013. I didn't notice it at first because I was too busy shitting myself over the cheap products but when I saw it I knew I needed it. It was perfect -it was huge, it wasn't tacky and it was on sale from $125 down to $50. I hmm'd and haaaw'd and finally I just decided to go for it because the shitty ones at walmart are small, tacky and still at least $30 so fuck it! Plus.. this is what my dresser looked like before the train kit... a fucking train wreck. 

So I spent $96 that I really shouldn't have BUT the original price of all of these products was... drum roll please.......

I call that a deal, man. 

I haven't regretted it so far and Im super happy to have some nice products so.. we'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks when I can't afford groceries haha. 

What is the best new product you've tried lately? I love products so please share! 

Big Love,

Wednesday, February 12

karaoke, subway threats, douchebags and happiness.

Wow - 2014 is not my blogging year aha. I am okay with living life instead of blogging it but I definitely miss this. I promise when I need to vent (which will be soon because I have all kinds of words about the dating (or lack there of) area in my life) there will be a couple good posts for you.

My life has been consisting primarily of 3 things : friends, work and putting together my bedroom! I'm happy to say that all 3 are going great. I absolutely love my job and I have been picking up more hours which is fabulous because I am a little bit broke. The staff is great, the customers are great and the food is pgreat too and I have definitely been indulging!

I have been lucky enough to spend a bunch of time with friends when I'm not working and it's been so awesome to be able to go out and actually do something on the wekeends! Courtney, Alexa and Nevan came over last month for a night out and we had such a good time - well I did anyway ;)

In true Courtney and Bailey fashion we hopped back and forth between two bars, shaking our tail feathers and trying to stay out of trouble. Nevan disappeared on us and after the bars us ladies headed to Subway. We were hoping to get a cab but it ended up taking two hours so I was starting to get a little out of control. There were a group of guys waiting for a cab and when one pulled up I told the cutest guy that if he got in my cab I'd kill him - I literally threatened his life over a cab. While I was verbally assaulting him, Courtney took off to dibs the cab - shes my girl! Instead of turning the guy off completely though - he ended up telling me I was beautiful and I gave him my number. Destiny? No.. just drunk. Either way, we shared a cab home and I decided making out with a stranger was a good idea. Oh Bailey J. He was a good kisser though and had the most gorgeous lookers I've ever seen! (thats eyes by the way). And if you're wondering - yes, we still talk!

I've also been spending a bunch of time with my cousin Kristy. Before I moved up here we didn't really know each other that well on a personal level but now we work together and hang out outside of work and I'm so thankful to have her and that we have had this chance to have a friendship. We have too much so much fun together and I can't wait for more adventures with her!

Me and my cousins Kristy and Katie 

Then this weekend I got ditched by the POF douchebag who I let fool me once again! Ugh! Im dumb! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, still shame on you cause you're a fucking douche. ANYWAYS. Maddy to the rescue - she came up Saturday night and her, Karl and I had a blast together and went uptown. We are such an awesome trio and while I'm not 100% on this - I'm pretty sure it was super super fun.

Also, on Thursday Rach ended up coming to town so when I was off work her, Tay, Bre and I hung out and went to karaoke. This was the day I found out I was being ditched for the weekend and it was the perfect remedy for my shitty mood! I ended up singing a duet with a guy who had seen me at karaoke the week before then contacted me on POF asking me to sing with him. I thought, 'why not'  and away we went lol. Can't forget Tay and I's awesome 'Party for 2' cover either - delicious. Life in Saint John is interesting for me to say the least. Two other guys who have messaged me on POF recognized me form the karaoke place as well - small city man.

So that is what's been up. Lately I've just realized how happy I am that I made the decision to move up here - it was an awesome choice and I am so happy. Life isn't perfect but it's good and I think it's going to get even better. I have the most amazing friends on the planet - friends who get me through any and all of the hard times and I know that I'm so so so lucky. Thank you to all my amazing friends - you have no idea how much I appreciate you!!

One last thing - big shout outs to my wonderful friend Ashley - it's her 24th birthday today!! Love you millions!!

That's it for now folks!
Big Love,
Bailey J

Tuesday, February 4

the one time I chugged a beer.

I do not censor anything on this blog - I say it how it is, I post what I want, it's my space. Occasionally, out of respect for people (especially ones I love) I leave names out or don't post every detail of my life because that's how I roll. Tonight I am posting something that not necessarily everyone would be okay with so I'm telling you now - if you don't like alcohol or partying-don't watch it! I am giving you the chance to back out now instead of watching this and then judging me for it. It's all in good fun but if you aren't down with it, you don't have to watch it, it's that simple.

So you're probably all familiar with or have at least heard about Nek Nominations. I was nominated, I did it and I thought I'd share it on here because I'm pretty freakin' proud of how well I did! I was a champ and I've thoroughly enjoyed taping my friends trying to do this as well as doing my own. It's been fun and if you don't like them then don't watch them. It's one beer people... one beer. Cheers.

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